Personal Development


Ever since the accident I had back in May i’ve been doing a lot of introspection. Or I should say, more than my normal amount of introspection, because let’s face it, people with anxiety are often in their heads lol.

More recently I got to a point where I just felt the real NEED to make changes. And for the first time, I didn’t want to do a lot of talking about it. Just wanted to focus on myself.

I feel that sometimes we do too much talking and not enough taking action. Or at least I feel like i’m guilty of that anyhow. So I made a conscious decision not to talk about things with people that are works in progress. I don’t want any added pressure, or anyone else’ doubt or negative energy on my goals.

With that said, I am going to be talking less about how things are going with me, and more topics related to adult struggles so that you can get more informed. And then once I feel ready, i’ll share more about the things i’ve been working on in hopes that you seeing all that i’ve accomplished will help you.

Less talk more walk on my part.

As part of this, i’ve been doing a lot of digging inwardly, a lot of introspection about what is causing these recurring patterns from happening in my life. Looking at thought patterns, really just changing my priorities. Not just trying to do that externally, but making sure I am ready mentally and emotionally for the changes.

What do I want more when faced with a decision? How does this contribute to the life i’m striving for?

Because I don’t want to keep feeling stuck and any regret going forward. I want to make sure that I am becoming a healthier, happier me with every step, every choice, every move I make.

It doesn’t mean being perfect all the time, but striking a balance and not beating myself up. Trying different things until I find what works. Never giving up!

So of course i’ll pop in my own anecdotes into my blogs so you can know there’s still a human writing them lol. But i’ll update you less on my progress.

Until next time!