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Why I love Subscription Boxes

Hey all, so before we get into the topic at hand, subscription boxes! I wanted to give you another 131 program update.

Can you believe how fast February flew by? I certainly can’t. It was a really eventful month for me. Lots of parties, lots of work, lots of changes. I have been loving the new 131 program i’m doing, and learning so much. This past week, I learned that not all sweeteners are created equal. And because of that, I ended up messing with my progress. Also found some hidden carbs in the sausages I was eating! It is challenging, but also very rewarding. And I am excited to have another week of great results.

One thing the program really emphasizes is that it is not a diet. They do not want you to fail. Nobody can be perfect all the time, and you need to be prepared for that. What that means, is that if you slip up, get back on track right away. Don’t wait till after my vacation, or next Monday, or whatever it might be. Just keep going.

And that has really resonated with me. Also, this being a ketogenic diet at its base, it does help seeing the difference between being in ketosis and not. And what it takes to get and stay in it. It motivates me to stick to it more than I ever thought it would. And I am on track to lose almost 20 lbs in my first month. I’ll take that any day!

March means my birthday is coming. And i’ll be 34 this year. Scary to get older. I struggle a lot with that feeling that I am not where I wished I was at this age. I think that’s pretty common, but sometimes it’s hard to deal with. And this weekend I really struggled. Being the only single person in my family, being one of the few in my friends, it’s hard. But it doesn’t do to dwell on the bad either. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I have to just take better care of myself so I can get to where I want to be.

Subscription Boxes

A new month also means my subscription boxes coming in! I love them. As a gift to myself last year I signed up for fabfitfun, and singlesswag. I wouldn’t have signed up for both, but I liked the idea of getting a box every month with singlesswag. Fabfitfun is only every season. It’s kinda nice trying out all the new products. Singlesswag is a bit pricier since I get it every month, but fabfitfun I find pretty affordable given it’s every 3 months, and look at what you get! I am deliberately not looking at the photo because I kinda like the surprise lol. I will never recommend anything that I haven’t used/tried myself. You can use promo code Welcome10 too if you want to try it out.

What I also like is that you can customize it. Several of the items, you get to pick between two different products, whatever you prefer. Sometimes 2 totally different products, or for example, the choice of color for clothing or an accessory. And you have the option to add some things on, lots of offers on the site for extras if you want to. I ended up signing up for a year myself because it was cheaper. That was my Christmas present to me.

Singlesswag is also really fun, you get a bunch of little things, some beauty-related, some otherwise, and each box comes with a snack. Sometimes you have to treat yourself! And I love the surprise in the mail. It gives me something to look forward to. Here is what I got last month from them:

Image result for singlesswag

I ended up having my last therapy session this week. A lot that I had been dealing with has resolved itself. My therapist was happy to see my progress. Sometimes you just need a few sessions to get back on track and talk things out. I just really need to take better care of myself really. I have to make sure this time I do it, that I pay down my debt, and lose this weight. Meal planning really really helps with both, and I just need to continue doing that and making other smart choices. Shopping for sales, and no unnecessary spending! I know that I can do it, I just have to remind myself where I want to be at the end of the year.

By the way, I am very open to suggestions. I want to keep this blog going and help people who also struggle with the same issues. I am by no means an expert, but I have made a lot of progress in the last 2 years and am genuinely a different and better person for all the struggles I went through and if I can help or answer any of your questions, I would love that, so ask away, and please comment away! Would love to get your feedback.


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131 Program update

Sorry I didn’t post last week. I realized Sunday night while in bed that I had forgotten. It wasn’t my intention, life just happens sometimes. And it’s crazy how much can change in 2 weeks! So now tu update you on my progress with the 131 program!

A little more about the 131 and my progress

I have since lost about 13 lbs believe it or not! The 131 program really works! Yet another success story by, you guessed it, Chalene Johnson lol. I may have a problem, but I could have worse ones! I seriously love everything she puts out there. You should get to know her better too.

So basically, the 131 program is more like an experiment on your body, seeing how it reacts to certain food, by removing them from your diet. The first phase is more or less a keto diet. Now, I was terrified to give up my carbs, let me tell you. Really terrified lol. But I gotta say, given the fact that I lost almost 8 lbs this past week alone, without any exercise, well it’s encouraging me to keep at it. That and knowing a new phase starts in 2 more weeks. Eating out is the most challenging, so it’s encouraging me to eat in more as well, and meal plan.

As we speak I have a pork tenderloin and 4 chicken breasts in the oven. I’ll be having the chicken with a caesar salad (yes, believe it or not, this is keto friendly when done right, even if you add bacon to it!) And the pork tenderloin will be paired with mushrooms and cauliflower rice. So basically that speaks for about 7 meals already and I will have some sausages and roasted cauliflower and broccoli for the rest of my meals. Who says cooking for one is hard!

I am not knocking weight watchers or anything, but I realized that even on that, I would eat well for breakfast and lunch, but then pig out at dinner, so it wasn’t really changing how I looked at food, and not encouraging me to think outside the box. I wouldn’t encourage a keto-like diet long-term because it isn’t meant for that, and like anything else, people plateau, but that is why I love the 131 program. There are SO many resources available for members and so much research done in this, it’s so INTERESTING. I love it. And I am just excited to see how far I go in my first round of 12 weeks. If I keep going at this rate, it’s going to be interesting!

I know it probably won’t always continue to this degree, and I know i’m losing a lot because I have a lot to lose, but it’s a great start! And there’s a real possibility of me hitting my goal this year. For once! And if I keep at it, it will help me towards my financial goals too, so that’s a bonus.

Other unexpected benefits of the 131 program (maybe)

I’ve also found, and not sure if it’s because of the encouraging results, or the eating habit change, but I find my anxiety is way lower recently. I hope it continues!

I can’t remember if I ever got into the law of attraction in my blogs yet, but it is something that I relate to. You can check out an old blog of mine here. But I just brought it up because I have found so many things happening lately for the better. And all these synchronicities. So hopefully that means I am on the right track. Just gotta let things go that are out of my control and go with the flow and let the universe take over. When you do that, things just start to happen big and small!

Alright, well for now that is all she wrote, I will be back next week, I promise 🙂