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131 program and weekly update

131 Program – Introduction

This week was a pretty good week despite some work stress. I have a bad habit of letting work derail my fitness/health goals. I have to find a way to channel the stress in different ways. So I tend to meal plan on Sundays. This week I made roasted veggies and yogurt chicken (chicken dipped in yogurt and then breadcrumbs). I also decided to made some roasted tomato soup with my new immersion blender. And I decided that I needed to do something different when it comes to my eating, so I took the next step in my Chalene Johnson obsession lol and I joined the 131 program.

I’m really excited about it. I ended up wishing Chalene happy birthday on Snapchat and sung her praises, and she encouraged me to try the 131 program out. I know that it’s her business, but i’ve loved everything she’s put out there. She really seems like she genuinely wants to help people. She doesn’t need to respond to everyone who writes her a message, and she’s responded to me more than once.

I have to change my relationship with food, and make sure that I find the time to exercise every day. The exercise i’m doing now, Piyo is a shorter workout, so I have no excuses. And I love it, because I can see my progress as I keep going with it. I will fill you in with how the 131 program goes, but it is already cheaper than weight watchers, so plus there, and I haven’t been sticking with weight watchers at all honestly.

Potential Benefits aside from Weight Loss

I don’t know much about the 131 program yet, but it seems like it will be what we make of it. It does include intermittent fasting, which i’ve enjoyed, and I think part of it at least will be low carb eating, which scares me to death, let me tell you, but i’ve seen others have such success with it, and I figure it’s worth a try, even if I try for just a couple of weeks. I need to do something different. I am tired of the struggles with my weight.

The 131 program comes with a lot of research, and expert interviews, it’s full of information. In the first week, you don’t change your eating habits at all. It’s all about working on your mindset, and that is something I need. There is talk about hormone regulation as well, and let’s face it, that will help with my anxiety, and occasional bouts of depression.

I am not sure I mentioned the depression, but I realized it occurred mostly when I go off my birth control.  Once I realized the correlation, it was thankfully easy to control. I won’t worry about it until I go off the pill at some point, which I assume one day I will.

Summary of the week

I had a great night at my friend’s birthday party last night. Broke the ice with my friend who quit my work that i’ve mentioned before. I could tell she was nervous as I was at the beginning, but the awkwardness went away quickly, and I am happy. She is a good friend honestly, and I didn’t want this to interfere with our friendship, or my friendship with her boyfriend who i’ve known for it must be almost 17 years now.

I am super excited about this upcoming week, and starting it off right with trivia at my favorite bar again! My friends and I really missed the atmosphere. I can’t remember if i’ve mentioned it but every Monday I play trivia at a pub with some friends. Earlier this year we followed the guy who used to host it to a different bar. We weren’t really enjoying it, so we decided to go back to our old place, and not only did we love it, but we won! Now, I am not saying winning isn’t fun, but I prefer when there’s a more even playing field, which there seems to be there. So as long as it’s not the same team winning week after week (including us) i’ll be happy.

Trying to make friendships work, when to call it quits

I have a friend, who used to be my best friend up till last year, who has never been reliable. In 2016 we went through a big fight and she shut me out for about 2 months. She even canceled on our friend’s wedding a week before. She is the type of person who cancels plans often, and basically does what she wants, without thinking of how it affects others.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we should all be a little selfish. I guess I am the type of person who will do things sometimes that I don’t feel like because I know it’s important to someone. Maybe I should be more selfish, I don’t know. But because of that fight, and because I realized that I didn’t need her in my life, we really drifted. I really grew from that experience, and I think that I put up with a lot back then that I shouldn’t have.  I blamed myself for all the fights, even though it takes two. Not saying I am blameless, but I would take all of the blame because I was afraid to lose the friendship. And I think that fear was the glue, and now that it’s not there…well it’s been distant between us.

I made a resolution to try and bridge the gap, but both times we were supposed to see each other, she canceled. So I decided to leave the ball in her court. She would text me, but actions speak louder than words, and there is very little action on her part. It’s sad, because I would love to find a way to have some friendship with her, I just don’t know if it’s possible. But if she’s meant to be in my life, there’ll be a new chapter in the future. But I have to try and not dwell on things.

Anxiety and second-guessing your self-worth

When you have anxiety, you start wondering what is wrong with you, but sometimes friendships aren’t meant to last forever. And it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, the friendship just ran its course. If one person changes/grows and the other doesn’t, it can happen that the friendship changes/drifts.

I am not a terrible person. It’s just not fair of me to put expectations on another person that aren’t realistic. My therapist told me, when people become close, they expect the other person to act as they would in situations. But that’s not necessarily true.

That was a lightbulb moment! You have to accept people for who they are, and not expect them to change unless THEY want to themselves. Most of my frustrations were because she wasn’t acting like I thought she should, and that’s not fair of me.

Lesson is, don’t carry around worries and dwell on things that are out of your control and you can’t change. That’s a lot of wasted energy and unnecessary anger. Sometimes it does help to get an outside perspective too. You might not always want to hear what they say, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to hear.

Okay, so that is all for now, I hope you have an awesome week and I will talk to you soon and let you know how my first week on the 131 program went!


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