May 17th, 2018 – Medicated!



So I have had a busy week despite being off work. Gotten a lot of stuff done. It’s been nice. I seem to be doing okay, despite some back pain here and there when I strain it too much, and some light-headedness every now and then, but both seem to be happening less and less. And my bruises are fading.

I saw my doctor on Tuesday as a followup to make sure that my heart rate was back to normal, and it seems to be, and I finally bit the bullet and asked about medication. For years I have been trying to avoid this and succeeding in dealing with my anxiety naturally, with exercise, writing, and lots of other coping mechanisms, but it’s been several months going where I have been at a steady state of anxiety and I knew I needed some help.

I don’t think it’s been only limited to what has happened in the past few months, but just in general, worrying about the future. Being single I think it’s normal at my age to feel anxious about it. My parents are getting older, most of my friends are in relationships and/or married and/or starting families. I have great friends and never feel like a third wheel with any of them really, and still have a few single friends thankfully too.

I just would of course love to have that man in my life. Settle down, feel some stability. Hopefully this will be that year. With that car accident I have definitely gotten the kick in the butt I needed to work on my goals so that definitely helps.

This week is prep week for the first phase of the 131 so it’s for learning what to do in this upcoming phase. I haven’t changed my eating habits yet, and because i’m off work i’m still not eating great, so don’t be surprised if there isn’t any real change on the scale for this week, but there will be next Sunday, I promise. I’m excited to show you how fast the weight comes off!

Because of the back aching occasionally and the lightheadedness I also decided to delay doing Piyo until next week. Luckily it’s a holiday here in Canada so I can do it on Monday without having to fit it in before or after work. I always find that easier.

And although I haven’t heard from my car insurance, I will be getting compensated luckily for this week off and I am able to get refunded partially for further therapy sessions. Which I think would be a great idea. Driving is mostly back to normal, although I do get nervous in intersections still and when i’m driving at night, but i’m happy that I got over that fear more quickly than expected.

Now back to the medication. So, i’ve only taken it for a couple of days now, and I can’t say for sure it’s related, but I do feel happier, and more relaxed since I started. I have been told it can take some time for the real effects to kick in, so I wasn’t expecting anything drastic to start, i’m just happy to be taking better care of myself.

I have been working on an ebook this week, more related to my previous blog which you can check out if you are so inclined. It might not be your cup of tea if you’re not spiritual, but I was once very into the law of attraction in a past life, and so i’m revisiting the subject, with the several more years of experiences and opinions i’ve developed since then sprinkled in.

I am really enjoying writing, so you might see more of that. I’ll keep you posted.

And last but not least, it’s a new season, so it means there’s a new fabfitfun box! I am copy/pasting the preview pic of the box because most of the fun in getting this box is the surprise! I think when I get it, i’ll do my first video blog of opening it so you guys can see things in more detail. If you want in the fun, click here!


I will be back on Sunday 🙂


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