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Back to Work

Hey all, so I am back to work. At least here in Canada it’s a 4-day work week, we had Monday off because of Victoria day. Which meant I had one extra day for rest. I was grateful for that.

It was really hard to come back to work after two weeks off and I have had to work some long days to play catch up which made it hard to cook healthy this week. Sunday I will try to get back on track and meal prep to do better. Thanks for your patience on that. I promise you will love the results that I will share. As Chalene says, it’s not about being perfect all the time, just that you keep going.

I was able to get a lower interest rate and am going to go down from my current three banks to two, and eventually down to one. I just need to I pay off my line of credit (last on the list since it’s the lowest interest). With all this in mind, it’s made me really excited. That and I have a freezer full of meat, so all I need is some vegetables and a few other staples and I am ready to go!

I just watched 13 Reasons Why Season 2 and I know everyone has different opinions on it, so I will share mine, look forward to that in my next blog, either Friday or Saturday.

Update on my anxiety and medication

I know I talked about starting on medication last week. Since coming back to work, two people at work told me how happy I see. Yes, it could be vacation, and it could be the near-death experience, but I have to say that I think the medication is helping me to be in a more balanced state. Those with anxiety can relate to this.

Often times, I will replay scenarios in my head over and over hours after they happen, wondering what the other person in the scenario was thinking or thinks of me now.  In reality it’s so out of their minds, it’s almost narcissistic of me to think they’re still thinking about it. And that hasn’t really happened so much since taking the medication. That and I feel like I care less when unpleasant things happen.

I have hope for the future for the first time in a while. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s nice to have plans and to be looking forward. It’s exciting to me. And i’m able to live more in the present instead of worrying about the future.

I’m not advocating for everyone to take medication. Honestly I try to avoid taking medication when possible. I really prefer trying to regulate things naturally (when it comes to my mental health) and i’ve never been prescribed anything for my anxiety before now. I used to pride myself on this. But I really feel strongly that it’s those people who seek help who are the strongest ones, the healthiest ones. And it has definitely helped coming back to work easier. There’s no pride or shame felt, and I am really glad I got the help I felt I needed to live a better quality of life than I have in some time.

If you have any suggestions or ideas or questions for me, go ahead and comment, I will respond as soon as I can. And don’t forget to follow me here to catch the new blogs as they happen 😉



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