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Affirmations – How to use them, some of my favourites

Affirmations. Boy did I need them this week.

You know how sometimes you just tell yourself ‘relax’ or ‘don’t worry’ or ‘everything is going to work out’. I’m sure you have said an affirmation before without realizing that’s what it was.

Basically it’s just a word or more often than not a phrase you tell yourself over and over to try and challenge your current thoughts/beliefs with more positive ones.

I need to use them more often and have even made lists of them before to refer to when I really need them. And for someone with anxiety, they can be very helpful.

The trick is to repeat them as many times as needed until you believe what you’re saying. See, you can read more about this on my other blog, but our reality is shaped by our beliefs and thoughts and the energy behind them.

You know how it goes. Believe it’s going to be a bad or long day, and it will be. Believe the reverse, and it won’t be. Sometimes you just need a little help turning things more towards the positive.

Some of my favorite affirmations

– I am a magnet for all good things

– I trust the universe and everything will work out

– Anything is possible and anything can happen at any time

– I am an amazing and caring and beautiful person inside and out

– I am enough

– There is nothing limiting myself but myself

– I am and will never be alone

– I am capable of anything and everything

– Do something today your future self will thank you for

– I am worthy of my dreams

– I now release the drama of my past and consciously create my future

– Everything happens for a reason

– I will not worry or have expectations, I focus on myself and my own energy and let everything go and go with the flow

– I am confident and courageous and I possess the strength and ability to accomplish all my goals and dreams

– Money flows to me effortlessly and easily

These are the main ones that came to mind or that I had written down. I will add more as I think of them for you.

Okay. I will be back tomorrow and I will be meal prepping for the week to come so I can do it right and (finally) show you how 131 works.