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Last day of the old me!

There it is, my official starting weight and proof of it. I’m sure those technically savvy people out there can time stamp it lol. It’s from this morning. I am preparing for my first week officially of 131. No more excuses.

I think it will help now that everything is settled with the car. I have a new car! A Honda Fit and I got my cheque from the insurance so I can file that away.

Once I get my portion of the cheque back and my last rent cheque is posted I am closing my old bank account (or newest really) and moving back to good old RBC!

I have made changes to all of my bills basically except electricity and have made changes to what I have in debt so that I am paying less interest. I’m really excited to start seeing things really change.

I just had an early Father’s Day dinner with the family at Robbie’s Smokehouse and it was delicious! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of my plate as soon as my food came lol. I couldn’t wait I guess. A good last meal before I get back on track. I know, not exactly helping the weight loss.

I didn’t get a chance to cook my pork tenderloin for my lunches the next couple of days, but I will tomorrow before I go to trivia and I have some chicken and other things ready for tomorrow.

The good thing about 131 is it’s not a diet. More like guidelines and an experiment on yourself to see what works for you, since we’re all different.

I will come home on time every day this week to do my Piyo and make sure I am cooking right and if anyone is interested I can show my food choices as well to give you an idea of what you can have while on 131.

Tomorrow will be pretty boring. Just a shake and some cheese most likely for lunch and then a chicken Caesar salad (minus the croutons) for dinner. But I love my pork tenderloin recipe so I’ll share that 🙂

Okay, so you have my starting weight. Last time I did this I lost 8 lbs my first week. I’d be pretty happy with that! But if I’m exercising and adding muscle it could be less. We’ll see!

I am so glad to see so many new views but I still feel like my posts are a bit all over the map, so I’d like some feedback from you, things you like, don’t like, any suggestions. I want to help people like me so please speak up!


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