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Over-thinking – How to combat it

Over-thinkingSo I don’t care what anyone else tells you, I am the queen of over-thinking. My mind can outrun ANYONE else’s. I think that this is one of the biggest issues people with anxiety face on a daily basis.

We will be the ones thinking about a conversation hours, or even longer after it happens. Replaying it over and over again in our brains. Thinking of how it could have gone better. Reading into things that aren’t there. Worrying about what the other person thinks of you or what happened.

In reality, chances are the other person isn’t even remotely thinking about that conversation. I find it helps to think about how narcissistic it is that I think said other person is still thinking about it (as much as I am). They have tons of other stuff to think about.

Best coping mechanisms

It really does help to do a reality check when you’re over-thinking about something. I mean how likely is it that what you’re reading into a situation from some subtle cues or otherwise is actually true? How often does the worst case scenario really happen? Almost never.

I find that when I am caught in an over-thinking cycle, that making peace with the worst case scenario of whatever the situation is really helps me also. For example, if I am worried about what the other person thinks of me, I ask myself, why does it matter? If that person really cares about me, then they don’t think lowly of me. And if they don’t care about me, well then that’s not someone I should have in my life.

The best thing though by far for me is to take stock of what IS in my control vs. what isn’t in a particular situation, or just life in general. I center myself and do my best to let go of all that I can’t control. After that, I do what IS in my power to change for the better whatever it is i’m over-thinking about.


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One more thing, I read this great blog post about anxiety the other day that I wanted to share with you. So relatable! You can check it out here at DiscoveringyourHappiness.

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2 thoughts on “Over-thinking – How to combat it”

  1. Oh my goodness! I appreciate this post on a WHOLE new level! I have OCD and anxiety… It can get SO bad sometimes! LIke you said, I always have to remind myself the things I do/don’t have control over.

    1. Yes! It is not easy, and I struggle with it every day but really all that worrying is just wasted energy and wouldn’t you rather “waste” it on something else?

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