Hi! My name’s Delaney. I’m a typical young woman living in Montreal. I like my job and have a good career. I have 2 cats and would love a dog or two if my home permitted. I am someone who is constantly trying to improve herself and like many I suffer from insecurities and my own set of problems. If I had to identify with a belief system, I guess I’d call myself spiritual, definitely not religious. I’m not a big fan of the word spiritual, I feel like it makes you seem “out there” and I guess in some ways I am, but not overwhelmingly.

I started this blog because I wanted to start writing again, and figured sharing my experiences was a good way to start. I am someone who tries to learn from every experience, good and bad, and grow from it. I struggle with anxiety and insecurities, and I am currently working on financial and fitness goals. I guess you’re wondering about the name of the site, maybe one of 3 things are coming to mind:



B) Why didn’t I snag this domain when I could have


C) What does adulting have to do with what you talked about?

Well, true, adulting is not a word, but because of my struggles, I have always felt out of place, behind everyone and basically a ‘late bloomer’. And I guess I figured there were others out there, like me. What they call people with high-functioning anxiety. Because I am high-functioning. I have a really good job, great friends, an awesome family, a nice home. But still, there are things I regret, things I need to work on, and things I want to achieve. I am hoping that this blog, logging my experiences and things that i’ve learned, things that help me cope, will help others. So that is what my blog will be about. Sharing my experiences and what works for me to make life as an adult easier to manage.