Favourite Things

Welcome to my favorite things! I just put a few together, mostly things i’ve talked about here and a few more. I’ll keep adding as I mention and think of them.

Amazon Prime – Needs no introduction! I got the free trial and I loved it. I plan to rejoin again once I am ordering more. They keep adding more and more options for us Canadians and I want to do more groceries online as there are so many options that are 131 friendly online compared to in store.

Piyo – This is the workout I keep talking about that I love. The newest from my mentor Chalene!

Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base Kit - DVD Workout with Exercise Videos + Fitness Tools and Nutrition Guide

Push Journal – I can’t remember if i’ve talked about this yet or not, but it’s the best journal i’ve ever bought. A great way to keep track of your goals in a manageable way like no other. It’s a whole system and it’s got options that integrate it with the 131.

SmartLife Push Journal -Colors Vary

Sweet Drops – These are Stevia drops i’ve been using for a while. I find they have the least aftertaste and you can use it in your morning caffeine, or in other recipes that need a little sweetening. Great for the 131!

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops SteviaClear, 60ml

Kindle – I haven’t talked much about this, but I won a kindle recently and I LOVE it. The first book I read on it is my next recommendation

Kindle Paperwhite, 6

Wishful Drinking – This is Carrie Fisher’s first autobiography and I couldn’t put it down! I really loved it. She talks about her struggles with mental health and it’s great to hear her take on it.

Furminator – I haven’t talked much about my cats, but they are a big part of my life, and with cats comes cat hair! These things are amazing! And my ginger cat Milo often gets matted hair at the change of season. This works GREAT to get through them, and for regular maintenance to avoid extra shedding around your home.

FURminator DeShed Tool Cat, Large, Long