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Fabfitfun unboxing! $370 worth of stuff for only $40!

fabfitfun summer boxOmg guys, I was super nervous to shoot an unboxing video for the fabfitfun summer box. I have no experience, and I decided to take it down for now, I will redo it this weekend. As my idol/mentor Chalene Johnson (founder of the 131) says, you’ll never get anywhere if you are waiting for perfection. So she inspired me to get myself on video. And I am really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone to try and reach more of you.

I know that a subscription box might not have much to do with anxiety, but you know what, any bit of happiness helps! And this girl LOVES surprises! So please look out for the new video this weekend.

If you want to check out the box for yourself you can go here.

Don’t judge me too harshly lol. But I do want some feedback! So please follow, comment, share, subscribe to my mailing list. I want to see some engagement from you! I think I started off too fast, so for sure i’d love you to follow me on my social media below, but let’s start here!

I would also like to add a meal prepping component to my Sunday blogs. It’ll help keep me that much more accountable, and it can help you too!

Got so many ideas i’m getting too excited and ahead of myself! Someone calm me down! Lol. Until next time!

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131 Program Update – Week 2

131 Program Update (check out the week 1 update here)

Another week on the  131 program and and this time 3 lbs lost! That might seem like a small amount considering how much i’ve been toting the program, but that is with me having friends over for fajitas, finishing off the leftovers, and facing birthday cake at work twice this week! (I succeeded in saying no to cake once, couldn’t do it twice lol.

But I am very happy that I have still lost weight. You guys are helping me! I’m feeling a bit of pressure for you to see the results come Sunday, so it’s really helping me keep on track. Other than my usual Monday at trivia tomorrow, I don’t have any plans this week, so it’ll help me stay on track with my eating.

Plus the 131 program isn’t a diet, as I keep saying, and as Chalene keeps saying. They give you the information, and it’s up to you to take it and do with it what you will. And I like that. It makes me feel less guilty. As long as i’m doing the best I can as much as I can and continuously working towards my goals, i’ll be ok.

Other Updates

I had a pretty good week, didn’t stay late at work once, and things feel genuinely good there again for the first time in a while. That’s not to say they have been awful, but it really was a good week, with lots of good news and good stuff in it. I really don’t want to jinx anything, but it feels like maybe things will start to turn around now. Not just at work but in general. I had even been thinking I would like better chairs for my table on the balcony and there they were, 4 wicker chairs in good condition beside the garbage cans, so I too em!

I had a lovely dinner with two of my good friends, they’re really supportive of the not wanting to spend money. Not that my other friends aren’t supportive too, but not all of them will come over for dinner since I don’t live as close. Went kayaking today with another friend. Something about being on water really makes this girl feel relaxed and I need more of that in my life! Going to try and do that more often.

This week I will make myself a promise and I will start doing Piyo again. I need more activity in my life, and I know it will help with my anxiety too. Want to contribute as much as I can to my weight loss goal. Meal planning will also help with that. I am making a casserole with mashed cauliflower, taco meat, cheese and tomatoes, and garnishing it with some sour cream and hot sauce (all 131-friendly!). And i’ll also make up some sausages with cauliflower and green beans for some other meals.

What’s Next

Believe it or not I haven’t gotten my FabFitFun box yet! I will do a video for that when I get it. Also please sign up for my email list on the right (or on the bottom if you’re on a mobile device), I want you guys to be the first to start getting my freebies and newsletters that I’m working on and do not pass go and like my Facebook page. I will be sharing a video there this week of my own story and why I started this blog and what I want to do with it and with my life in general so you can get to know the girl behind the blog 🙂

Update: check out the unboxing of the fabfitfun box here.