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What a 2018 so far!

I have never had such a crazy year and it’s only the beginning of May. You all already know what happened with my cats, let alone people I know who’ve passed away, let alone that two of my friends put their pets down the same week as me. And to top that off, well I was in a really bad car accident Monday night.

Luckily I am doing ok, just some bumps and bruises, but the car is totaled. Just went to the bodyshop today to get some things from the car and it was very upsetting to see it. In all the craziness of the night and getting into the ambulance it was such a blur at the time, I had forgotten how bad. I must have someone or someones looking out for me. Nobody could believe I just got away with some scrapes and bruises.

So a 12 hour wait at the hospital and being up for over 30 hours basically is not how I wanted my vacation to start. The doctor at the hospital gave me an additional week off because the stress and the anxiety for which I took my vacation in the first place made my heart rate elevate. It seems lower today, but still high. Have to follow up with my doctor by next week to make sure it’s back to a somewhat normal level.

This year honestly has scared me. Typically I am optimistic or try to be. But it’s more like cautious optimism right now, because after every hit i’ve said to myself things will turn around and something else happens. I just hope that it really does now. I am really really lucky to be alive honestly. I cannot believe how close it was to it being really bad. I am using it as an opportunity to change some bad habits of mine and create new ones. Finally I need to watch my spending and kill my debt, and also my eating and exercise habits. The doctor recommended meditation and exercise for my anxiety and of course there are other benefits to both so i’m going to start my Piyo again and try to go for walks more when I can instead of driving (which is a LITTLE scarier for me).

Also going to start my 131 diet again. You know I love my Chalene. But I swear the diet really works. And it’s the anti-diet. It has so much information and really changes how you view food. For someone like me who has been struggling with her weight since college, I can say it’s the best thing i’ve ever tried. It’s phasing, so every 4 weeks you start a different phase, 3 in all. And it’s not one size fits all. It’s kind of an experiment on your body, to find out what foods cause inflammation in your body. And in the first 2 weeks, I lost 14 lbs, and that included a cheat day (or 2). And it isn’t really considered cheating, because it’s YOUR diet, you do what works for YOU and they just give you the information. It’s up to you what you do with it. And if you find it doesn’t quite work, then you try adding or removing more foods from your diet until you find what does work. I got lucky my first round.

But with everything that happened since March i’ve been derailed. I need to get back on it. If you want to check it out, go here. It costs less than weight watchers and I find it works better. And I also recommend framing it in your brain as, think of everything I CAN eat now, rather than what you CAN’T. Also one thing that resonated with me, is that people who try to follow a diet or anything perfectly set themselves up to fail. Just do your best and get back on the horse as fast as you can.

I am going to try and blog twice a week now, so check back in more regularly!

Talk soon.